Rapid Prototyping for EVTOL Upstart

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Aluminium 6061-T651 PER AMS4027, CNC Mill, CNC Water Jet

The Challenge

A new innovative EVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) company faced challenges in quickly sourcing a precision machining supplier for low-quantity prototype aluminum parts. The parts needed to meet stringent ITAR compliance regulations, with a tight delivery deadline of just two weeks.

The Solution

The Results

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The company was in the critical phase of developing an early EVTOL prototype. The success of this prototype was essential not only for their proof of concept but also for securing further investment. However, finding a supplier capable of producing high-precision aluminum parts, in low quantities, within a stringent timeframe, and under ITAR compliance, proved to be a daunting task. This search was further complicated by limited industry connections and the need for absolute precision in the aerospace sector.
SyncFab’s platform provided the perfect solution. With its extensive network of pre-vetted suppliers, SyncFab quickly matched the startup with a supplier that specialized in precision machining and was fully ITAR compliant. The platform streamlined the communication and ordering process, allowing the procurement team to place their order efficiently and with confidence. SyncFab’s oversight ensured that the prototypes were not only delivered within the ambitious two-week deadline but also met the high-quality standards required for EVTOL development. The startup was able to proceed with their prototype testing on schedule, keeping their project timeline.
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