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No hidden fees, we connect manufacturing suppliers and machine shops to vetted jobs for easy payments, purchase order management and customer communications.

Trusted by sourcing engineers and purchasing professionals at fortune 100 companies in

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Suppliers Streamline Your Business as a SyncFab Manufacturing Partner

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How to Join SyncFab's Supplier Network

Begin Receiving RFQs That Match Your Capabilities By Being Verified


Register your shop and agree to our Terms & Conditions

Registering your shop takes a few minutes to get you on our network and account ready.


Verify your Capabilities and

Once registered our procurment team will contact you to verify your shop.


Begin Receiving RFQs!

Once your shop is verified by our team your account will be activated and you can begin to login and access your Dashboard.

We give special consideration to applicants with the following certifications:

ITAR • AS9100 • ISO 9001 • ISO 13485 • UL

Let our Tech do the Heavy Lifting

The SyncFab Partner Network is your gateway to real job opportunities from a diverse range of industries, streamlining the quoting process and increasing capacity utilization at your shop.

Save Time

Don’t waste time in Open RFQ systems and get matched with RFQs that directly match your capabilities.

PO Management Simplified​

Purchase Orders are organized to track and update purchase order production status faster for more timely communications.

MFG Rewards for
your Quotes

Suppliers responding to a buyer RFQ on SyncFab in a timely manner are entitled to share in an MFG Reward Pool

Save Money

Let our tech do the heavy lifting so you can save marketing dollars and spend more time machining.

Expand and Diversify

Receive real job opportunities tailored to your capabilities from a wide variety of customers and industries.

Improve Cash Flow

Improve your cash flow with reliable payment terms and bonuses for early job completion.

Suppliers Earn MFG ®️ Ethereum Rewards for RFQs and Win POs

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SyncFab brings us jobs that match our capabilities allowing us to quote jobs on our own terms. They bring the business and we match the lead time for a Win-Win.

— Sanford Machine Shop

SyncFab brings us jobs we enjoying turning around quickly and earning on. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership we value – we support them and they support us.

— Machine Logics

SyncFab does the front office work for me and finds me business that match my capabilities.

— Tony at T&G Machining


Suppliers get
rewarded with MFG
Rewards for timely
RFQs and winning bids


MFG Supplier Incentive Rewards are a new way to reward time connecting supply chains with blockchain.

With traditional supply chains, many manual processes occur that do not compensate suppliers for their time. Suppliers spend countless hours reviewing drawings, answering questions, and calculating quotes — without receiving anything in return. SyncFab is rebuilding supply chains for Industry 4.0 digital transformation. A new system where time is compensated, sensitive information is kept secure, and suppliers get rewarded for maintaining a responsive supply chain.

Your time is valuable. Earn MFG Tokens submitting quotes on-time to win new business.

MFG Supplier Incentive Crypto Rewards support our network of verified suppliers providing competitive precision part RFQs. MFG rewards are available to verified suppliers on SyncFab (more coming), earning suppliers MFG ERC-20 Ethereum Tokens (MFG) based on the following account-based activities:


Your SyncFab supplier account is MFG Token ready immediately upon activation.

Your SyncFab supplier account automatically comes with your own unique MFG Token Blockchain Wallet built in. You can fund your MFG Wallet from 3rd party wallets, earn activity-based MFG Token rewards, or purchase MFG Tokens directly through the platform.

Suppliers earn MFG rewards responding to open RFQs through the SyncFab platform. In exchange for time spent reviewing and responding to these RFQs, you can earn MFG tokens when uploading competitive Quotes in a timely manner. MFG Rewards are more than loyalty points, suppliers can use their MFG Token balance to incentivize PO selection of their RFQ as well as to access upcoming SyncFab platform features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost money to begin earning MFG Tokens?

No it does not! Suppliers can create your profile account to begin receiving MFG Token Rewards immediately based on your activity. All you need to do is sign up and complete our supplier verification process to begin accessing your new account.

What can I do with my MFG Tokens?

Suppliers can use your MFG Tokens for new features being released on the SyncFab platform. MFG Tokens can also be withdrawn into 3rd party wallets or swap-mechanisms.

How do I earn MFG Rewards?

Suppliers can earn MFG Token Rewards by: getting verified in our network, uploading complete Quotes within 24 hours of receipt, and winning a new PO with your competitive quote.

How can Buyers use MFG Rewards?

Buyers can use MFG Tokens to incentivize new RFQ requests to suppliers and to purchase MFG PRTs for Parts Provenance.

Register you Machine Shop and Start Earning