Case Studies

Empowering Innovators in Aerospace & Defense

Learn how our platform streamlines sourcing, enhances supplier relationships, and delivers unparalleled results for leading OEMs.

Case Studies

Learn how SyncFab’s procurement platform has helped companies innovate faster in Aerospace, Space, and Defense.
SyncFab’s oversight ensured that the prototypes were not only delivered within the ambitious two-week deadline but also met the high-quality standards required for EVTOL development.
SyncFab quickly identified and connected local supplier specializing in multi-axis machining and experienced in working with 304 Stainless Steel.
SyncFab’s vast network of specialized suppliers was able to quickly identify and connect the space company with a manufacturer who had the expertise in CNC milling, specifically with space-grade aluminum.
SyncFab specializes in large format CNC milling with ITAR and JCP/EJCP registrations, expertly handling military-standard bronze materials and stringent government production processes.

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