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outer space manufacturing overview

Beyond Earth, Specialized Space Manufacturing

Embark on a journey beyond the confines of Earth with SyncFab, where we specialize in manufacturing solutions for the final frontier. From satellites orbiting our planet to rockets venturing into deep space, our platform connects the dots in the space industry, bringing precision, innovation, and reliability to every project.

Industry Applications

Satellite Manufacturing
Expertise in components for communication, observation, and navigation satellites.
Rocket and Launch Vehicle Production
Manufacturing solutions for rocket engines, structural components, and thermal shielding.
Spacecraft and Cargo Modules
Specialized in crafting habitable modules, instrumentation, and cargo containment systems.
Deep Space Exploration Equipment
Components and systems for missions beyond Earth orbit, including probes and rovers.
Asteroid Mining Components
Suppliers specializing in robust and durable components.
Space Tourism
Crafting high-quality, safety-focused components for spacecraft and habitats used in the burgeoning space tourism.

Space Certifications & Compliance


Use Case

Rapid Manufacturing of Solar Panel Brackets for Space Client

SyncFab’s platform offered a streamlined approach to sourcing and manufacturing, with access to a network of pre-vetted suppliers specialized in aerospace and space manufacturing.
Space Brackets Case Study BG

Propel your Journey to the Cosmos

Whether building for Space for Earth, Space for Space, or Beyond Earth. SyncFab’s platform helps companies get to launch faster.

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