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Our Story

The SyncFab Story

The primary mission of SyncFab is to foster reshoring. We believe that manufacturing locally is best for the planet as Governments and People care more how things are made when manufactured locally as opposed to "out of sight, out of mind." To this aim in 2013, SyncFab created an industry first online design-to-manufacture interactive supply chain ecosystem partnering academics, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers and materials suppliers with local industry. In 2016, SyncFab was recreated in response to an economic development challenge presented by San Leandro City as part of the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Civic Innovation Startup-in-Residence Program.

SyncFab is now building the largest network of advanced manufacturing capacity to match with supply chain buyers in the innovation demand hotbed of California & beyond. SyncFab was recognized by the White House as a member of the US Department of Energy Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Initiative within the US Department of Commerce's National Network of Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI). As a CESMII partner, SyncFab continues to be part of the dialogue and implementation of DOE driven standards for Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing. We proudly support smart manufacturing for the clean local supply chain of the future summarized in our 3 core tenets to "Make Smart, Make Local and Make Clean."

Retracing our Footsteps

Innovating since 2013 to make it easy to Make Smart, Local & Clean

September 2017

SyncFab 2.0 launches Regional Advanced Manufacturing Virtual Supply Chain Procurement Platform

September 2016

SyncFab presents results of Civic Technology Partnership Program at 2016 STIR Bay Area Demo Day

June 2016

White House and Department of Energy announce SyncFab inclusion in National Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Partnership (CESMII)

March 2016

Cities of San Francisco and San Leandro select SyncFab for 2016 STIR Civic Technology Partnership Program

October 2015

SyncFab Voted Most Original Idea Startup by Amazon Web Services

October 2015

SyncFab Releases Version 1.5 Update for Cloud Product Design Manufacturing Platform

October 2015

SyncFab organizes first Los Angeles Design for Manufacturing Partnership Workshop for Manufacturing Day 2015

September 2015

SyncFab moves operations into Bay Area Advanced Manufacturing Hub in San Leandro, CA

August 2015

SyncFab completes project for Bicycle Coffee in Oakland, CA

July 2015

SyncFab 1.0 launches Local Product Development Design and Manufacturing Ecosystem from its offices in Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA

January 2015

SyncFab launches Beta Test Platform & Teaser Video

June 2014

SyncFab opens Innovation Hub in Berkeley, CA providing 3D Print & Fabrication services to the community

March 2014

SyncFab launches Kickstarter Campaign to "3D Print or Specialty Fabricate Community Sourced Design"

September 2013

SyncFab conducted extensive R&D for its future platform in the form of expert interviews, factory tours, workshops and a site visit to 3D animation powerhouse - Pixar in Emeryville, CA

2013 / Our Beginning

SyncFab short for "Synchronized Fabrication" to represent the intersection of additive and subtractive manufacturing processes, is founded in Los Angeles to champion reshoring and nearshoring by leveraging CADCAM technologies

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