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Shaping the Next Era of Manufacturing

SyncFab envisions a future where buyers and suppliers collaborate seamlessly, empowered by our platform to make strategic decisions and undertake ambitious projects swiftly.
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Our History

SyncFab originated from a challenge presented by San Leandro City during the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation Startup-in-Residence Program in 2016. It effectively addresses industry gaps by unlocking idle precision component production capacity for buyers through user-friendly supply chain management tools.
As a founding member of the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Initiative (CESMII), backed by the US White House and Department of Energy, SyncFab plays a pivotal role in the National Network of Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) within the Department of Commerce.

Our Mission

At SyncFab our mission is to quickly connect open supplier capacity to buyer purchasing & compliance requirements; digitally transform manual workflows, create responsive supply chain automations, and deliver best in class customer service that exceeds customer manufacturing requirements.​
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Our Team

At SyncFab, our team blends manufacturing expertise with technical innovation, reshaping the digital manufacturing landscape together.
Jeremy goodwin

Jeremy Goodwin

Chief Executive Officer

Jay Ligda

Jay Ligda

Chief Information Officer

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Dennis Delgado

Chief Product Officer

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Danielle Smith

General Counsel

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Ram Maurer

VP of Customer Success

Josh Holmes

Josh Holmes

Sr. Sales Account Executive

Brenda Hrobsky

Brenda Hrobsky

Procurement Director

Lupe Pulido

Lupe Pulido

Procurement Manager

candi pedroza

Candy Pedroza

Supplier Success Coordinator

Kristin Pickett

Kristen Pickett

Procurement Fulfillment Coordinator

William Jones

William Jones

Senior Software Engineer

Jeremy Goodwin 1 (6)

Marsh Gray

Quality Assurance Manager

Jeremy Goodwin 1 (6)

Ashley Harless

Back Office Manager

Fábio Magalhães

Fabio Magalhaes

Marketing Director

Public & Private Partnerships

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Learn how SyncFab can save you time sourcing and cut down costs with our distributed advanced manufacturing network.

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