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Streamline & Control your OEM Parts Supply Chain

Our blockchain platform allows OEM Purchasing and Engineering Departments to source, procure, track, secure, and pay for precision parts.


Get quotes from SyncFab's pre-qualified manufacturers with the capacity, processes, and certification that you need.


Enable secure track-and-trace of POs and Parts History to take total control of exceptions handling.


Store your IP and PO documents on a blockchain, which securely records every transaction ever made.

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Learn how SyncFab's procurement software helps OEM Engineering, Purchasing & IT Departments to collaborate more effectively on sourcing, contract management, supply chain management & much more.

Blockchain Solutions for any Supply Chain

Enterprise customers can integrate our blockchain solutions with their own supply chain to enable track-and-trace, eliminate product recalls, authenticate parts, and more.

Avoid product recalls

Cut procurement costs

Protect intellectual property

Eliminate counterfeit parts

Secure crucial digital documents

Automate supplier payments

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How can SyncFab transform your industry?

Companies building cutting-edge space exploration vehicles, experimental aircraft, autonomous cars, and drones are already using our technology to minimize product recalls, counterfeit parts, and intellectual property theft.

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Track each component across a supply chain and mitigate product recalls, while securely storing vehicle data to enable autonomous technologies.

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Aerospace & Defense

Prevent counterfeit parts from entering your supply chain and reduce airplane transfer costs by securely digitizing component documentation.

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Avoid medical product recalls, cut procurement costs, automate supplier payments, and protect crucial regulatory and compliance documentation.

Get precision manufactured parts, faster.

Partnered with both public and private teams, to help foster smart manufacturing with blockchain

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