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Bicycle Coffee Company

Oakland company gets product lines Made in California with SyncFab. Bicycle Coffee won the East Bay's 2015 Most Friendly Business Model Award. SyncFab is grateful to serve Bicycle Coffee as a single point of service to get their hardware and product lines manufactured locally through our network of established and family-owned factories.

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Digicom Electronics

Electronics Manufacturer / Oakland, CA

Since 1982 Digicom Electronics has specialized in advanced electronics manufacturing services for products that require the utmost quality and reliability

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MFG Day 2015 &
Innovate LA Week

SyncFab Event / Los Angeles, CA

A Conference held for designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, material experts, manufacturers and prototypers focused on the local product development ecosystem. Partners included Autodesk, AIO Robotics, ElectroFab, EnvisionTEC, Maker City LA, Pull Design Agency, the REEF, Toybuilder Labs and many local exhibitors.

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"SyncFab gives you unprecedented control as a could just live there altogether."

- | 7/10/15

"57% of 12,000 Manufacturers in LA report surplus capacity...SyncFab keeps Manufacturing Local."

- LA Business Journal | 11/9/15