SyncFab Team Updates: Vinay Munjewar joins to Manage Manufacturing Blockchain Program

Dennis Delgado

Dennis Delgado

Chief Product Officer
Dennis Delgado

Dennis Delgado

Chief Product Officer
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2019 is shaping up to be another year of fast-paced growth and innovation at SyncFab and accordingly we’re very excited to be adding additional talent to our team! SyncFab has also taken measures to “Right Size” the team streamlining operations in recognition of product graduation and deemphasizing administrative operational roles in order to allow for greater emphasis on more important sales and procurement functions.

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Vinay Munjewar, Former Engineering Lead at Airbus A3

Welcome Vinay Munjewar, Manufacturing Blockchain Program Manager

SyncFab is happy to announce the hiring of Vinay Munjewar as Manager of our Manufacturing Blockchain Program to lead our OEM Enterprise Blockchain Pilot Partnerships Program Management.

“I am excited to join SyncFab and play an important role in shaping the future rollout of the manufacturing blockchain program with Industrial OEM clients large and small. Blockchain technology promises to have major positive impact on the industrial manufacturing industry ushering in the era of data secured smart manufacturing. I look forward to leveraging my background as the former engineering lead at Airbus A3 for the successful completion of their Blockchain POC program to now work with additional clients at SyncFab in the manufacturing space evaluating how we can best match our solution to the needs of the aerospace, automotive and medical device industries amongst others. This is an exciting time in technology and an exciting time in blockchain and I am happy to be a part of the pioneering process at SyncFab in a key role.”

The former Blockchain Engineering Lead for Airbus A3 Silicon Valley Innovation, Vinay spearheaded the Enterprise Blockchain Strategy, Planning, Execution and Deployment in private network for Airbus. Vinay was responsible for architecting the blockchain solution and demonstrator and managed the Blockchain POCs (Proof of Concepts) for various use cases of enterprise supply chain, digital twin, Smart Contract development, Vinay has experience with Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain and NEM blockchain platforms .He also has experience with linked Data technology using OSLC. Prior to Airbus Mr. Munjewar was PLM Executive at Siemens with 15 years of global experience across multiple business domains inclusive of Software, High Tech Electronics, High Tech Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense and Automotive. Successful track record of delivering next generation solutions to business exceeding their expectations, leading topnotch diverse global teams that consistently deliver differentiating capabilities. In 2018 Mr. Munjewar completed MIT Sloan School Executive Education for ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: IMPLICATIONS FOR BUSINESS STRATEGY.

Streamlined Operations Rightsizing

SyncFab has taken measures to “Right Size” the team streamlining operations in recognition of product graduation and deemphasizing administrative operational roles in order to allow for greater emphasis on sales and procurement functions. Accordingly we have transitioned out the former Product Manager role in favor of the above Blockchain Program Manager. Additionally we are consolidating 2018 operations roles transitioning out the Chief Strategy Officer and VP Operation roles in favor of the recently announced Procurement Sales Operations Management role to focus more on sales support operations.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Blockchain

SyncFab is a distributed manufacturing platform founded and headquartered near Silicon Valley that streamlines the way industrial OEM hardware supply chain buyers procure, manage, and track precision parts production securely using blockchain distributed ledger technology. Learn more about how SyncFab benefits manufacturers.

2019 Here We Come

Over the course of 2019 our aim is to refine and adapt our product roadmap continuing to add features which will enhance and add value to the Industrial Manufacturing Supply Chain Buyer experience while accelerating the sales cycle. Similarly, we aim to boost sales and business development efforts adding additional layers of customer support along the way in parallel and in sync with operations budget rationalization from the previous year as they complement one another. We will be releasing a product roadmap update, product updates, more team updates and other exciting developments over the coming weeks and months as we enter the next chapter of our evolution as a company. Buckle up and stay tuned!

Calling all Local Blockchain Engineers — Talented and Eager to Make a Difference in Manufacturing? Join Us!

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