SyncFab's Team

Jeremy Goodwin
Jeremy Goodwin Chief Executive Officer
Andy Tong
Andy Tong Chief Strategy Officer
Jay Ligda
Jay Ligda Chief Technology Officer
Dennis Delgado
Dennis Delgado Chief Design Officer
Victor Nguyen
Nathan Makino VP of Operations
Ben Gerstein
Ben Gerstein Head of Marketing
Ram Maurer
Ram Maurer Community Manager
John Papageorgiou
John Papageorgiou Product Manager
Rob Rao
Rob Rao Head of Sales
Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith General Counsel
Ali Zain
Ali Zain Blockchain Developer
Yasir Irbal
Yasir Irbal Blockchain Developer
Ali Rizvi
Ali Rizvi Blockchain Developer
Khanh Tran
Khanh Tran Full Stack Engineer

SyncFab's Advisors

Mike Jones: SCIENCE
Mike JonesBusiness Advisor
Gil Penchina: RIDGE VC
Gil PenchinaCrypto Advisor
Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante
Jeff BerwickFinancial Advisor
Simon Cocking
Simon CockingMarketing Advisor
Peter Moricz SyncFab Advisor
Peter MoriczStrategy Advisor
Steven Sprague SyncFab Advisor
Steven SpragueTechnology Advisor
Xiaochun Li SyncFab Advisor
Xiaochun LiSmart Manufacturing Advisor
Mark Crone SyncFab Advisor
Mark CroneLegal Advisor
Victor Nguyen SyncFab Advisor
Victor NguyenProduct Advisor
Michael Wong SyncFab Advisor
Michael WongSecurity Advisor
Chris Cheng SyncFab Advisor
Chris ChengTechnical Advisor
Deborah Acosta SyncFab Advisor
Deborah AcostaSmart City Advisor

Smart MFG Tech LTD

Smart MFG Tech LTD promotes new technologies and applications for use within the Industrial Manufacturing industry. Smart MFG Tech LTD will manage the network governance and overall health of the MFG token ecosystem as well as allocate from the partner adoption pool of MFG tokens, to be given to new users to source and procure parts production through the usage of the Smart Manufacturing Blockchain. Learn More

Smart Manufacturing Blockchain
Hikaru Yuki Executive Director

Hikaru is an International Supply Chain Professional with almost a decade of experience at Fuji Xerox Global Supply Chain Department.

Smart Manufacturing Blockchain
Jason Tong General Manager

Jason is an International business professional with extensive experience in Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, eCommerce and Internet Technologies.

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