For PMO & Risk Management Teams

IT Program Management Office and Supply Chain Risk Management

SyncFab connects multi-tier suppliers to OEM prime IT PMO and Supply Chain Risk Management, using web APIs, enterprise middleware, cloud services, smart payment systems, blockchains, and much more.
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Parts Production & Planning

Parts PPAP & Assurance

Parts Pedigree & Compliance

Supply Chain Traceability

Supply Chain Cybersecurity

Parts Production & Planning

Parts PPAP & Assurance

Parts Pedigree & Compliance

Supply Chain Traceability

Supply Chain Cybersecurity

Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation for Multi-Stakeholder Consensus

Compliance Officers

IT PMO Directors

Mission Assurance

Manufacturing Quality Officers

CIO, CTO & C-Suite

End-to-End Multi-Tier Manufacturing Supply Chain Middleware Solution Secured by Blockchain

About Us

SyncFab connects OEM part buyers with distributed parts manufacturers backed by distributed ledger blockchain
technology solutions for superior security,
traceability and supplier management.

Our Mission

To create digital transformation in the manufacturing supply
chain to increase capacity utilization for suppliers, improve accessibility to OEM supply chain buyers, and
secure production data using blockchain.

Connect your multi-tier supply chain for end-to-end:

Cybersecurity SCM Planning Provenance Traceability Compliance Recall

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Multi-Tier Supply Chains are inherently disconnected

N-Tier and lower tier suppliers do not share in the expensive reporting systems of OEM Primes or their Tier 1 suppliers. This and other factors lead to a well known industry challenge of supply chain planning challenges stemming from the opacity of the movement of raw materials, parts, assemblies and other production assets in the production of finished goods.

Syncfab connects OEM Prime & Tier 1 to their Sub-Tier Supply Chains

Supply chains are transforming into dynamic, interconnected digital supply networks integrating information to drive production and distribution to make them more agile and resilient. Through the use of patented technology, SyncFab extends the functionality of blockchains connecting OEM Prime and Tier 1 to multi-tier supplier capacity, smart payments, data and more in a highly tamper-resistant and reliable manner.
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Real-Time Collaboration

SyncFab offers high-level collaboration tools giving users the ability to work in tandem, without compromising on individual focus or efficiency.

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Document Management

Full collaboration is only possible if team members have a fast, secure way to manage and share documents. Email and fax are the current predominant methods of document sharing for many companies even today!

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RFQ Budgeting and Planning

Budgeting is one of the biggest challenges for project managers. Projects can quickly go over time and encounter unexpected expenses related to both resources and labor.

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Compliance and Risk Management

SyncFab enables users to track and manage production status to better manage their supply chain planning and risk management.

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Reporting and Dashboards

For efficient resource management, you need reliable and easy-to-use reporting software. Luckily, SyncFab has developed user-friendly information dashboards for non-technical staff.

Our Solutions

Upgrade your supply chain’s efficiency, transparency, and traceability with
the industry’s first manufacturing blockchain solution suite.

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Parts Pedigree

Record and authenticate each part on a single, immutable, and transparent blockchain ledger with SyncFab's Part Tokeniaztion technology.

parts track and trace image

Parts Track & Trace

Manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and even customers can track individual parts across your manufacturing supply chain.

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Parts Recall

Access an Auditable and verifiable blog chain log, so any recall exercise can precisely identify a faulty part and ensure swift recalls.

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MFG Token® Smart Payments

Automate payments across your supply chain to increase speed, eliminate disagreements, and enhance trust, visibility, and traceability.

platform white labeling image

Platform White Labeling

Customize SyncFab’s manufacturing blockchain platform into your supply chain to unleash the full potential of digital transformation.

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On-Site Node Storage

Self-managed and hosted blockchain solutions built with security compliance in mind and optimized for scale.

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ERP API Solutions

Co-innovate with SyncFab to build a custom blockchain solution that meets your organization’s unique business needs.

Connect your Supply chain to Timely Sub-Tier Supply Chain Capacity Availability and Data

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SyncFab’s platform and custom use cases enable procurement, supply chain management and their supporting IT PMO teams to connect to opaque external sub-tier suppliers in a timely, secure and intuitive manner with tools to optimize future performance.

Define Your Own Module Use Case

Co-Innovate with us. Share your business challenges, and we’ll help design a customized module to improve efficiency and enable digital transformation