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Dennis Delgado

Dennis Delgado

Chief Product Officer
Dennis Delgado

Dennis Delgado

Chief Product Officer
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Machine Shops get access to Essential Business OEM Part RFQs and Rewards more easily using Supplier Dashboard

Machine Shops REGISTER HERE for quickest access.

We’ve launched a New Supplier Dashboard giving Machine Shops streamlined access to OEM Part RFQs for Medical, Aerospace and Automotive requests addressing essential business needs during the COVID19 pandemic along with OEM supply chain diversification requests expected to follow.

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This Supplier Dashboard update improves supplier’s user experience with the goal of enhancing supplier’s ability to bid on and receive more qualified jobs according to their capabilities, certifications, and availability. This new update focuses on improving supplier benefits, usability and performance feedback originally stemmed from insights gained though our partnership with the NTMA.  We will also be offering Instructional Webinars, in partnership with the NTMA, illustrating step-by-step user access to essential business RFQs on the new Supplier Dashboard and how to qualify for MFG incentive rewards for RFQs. Learn about the full scope of our Supplier Dashboard Update below.

Gain Access to Essential Business RFQs for Medical, Aerospace & Automotive OEM Parts

OEM Buyers in Aerospace, Automotive and Medical industries – many of which carry essential business designations – use SyncFab as a remote supply chain management procurement solution to prevent disruption to their supply chain planning. Precision part production suppliers gain access to these valued part RFQs in our system following shop certification and capabilities registration verification.  SUPPLIERS Read More how to become a verified supplier

Save Time and Money:

RFQs match your Capabilities & Certifications

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Save time sorting through piles of RFQs which don’t match your shop capabilities and start receiving RFQs that do match your capabilities right away!

One of the major benefits of Supplier Registration is you gain the ability to onboard and notify us of your various certifications, machining capabilities, pre-production, post-processing, finishing and Quality Control capabilities meeting our Buyer requirements. You will then begin to receive RFQs to match your availability in REAL TIME as we receive them subject to our procurement department verification of your listed capacity. 

Be sure to include whether you are ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IATF, AS9100, ITAR certified, 3,4,5 multi-axis machining, plating, CMM or more as we rely on the information you provide us to match you with appropriate job requests subject to verification. RFQ notifications you receive and those viewable in your Dashboard will be filtered to show those matching your capabilities with our buyer specifications.

The more detail you include the better, so that we’re able to match you with the appropriate job requests and you can spend more time doing what you do best – machining! 

Save Time and Money:

MFG Rewards for your RFQs plus other Incentive Programs coming soon!

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Suppliers responding to a buyer RFQ on SyncFab within the prerequisite turnaround time will be entitled to share in an MFG Reward Pool. We recognize you put a lot of work into quoting RFQs and we want you to be rewarded for it.  Additionally we support and encourage buyers to engage in new types of incentive programs to reward you to which aim we continue to work closely with buyers to plan and implement new programs. New MFG reward and incentive programs are intended to encourage greater collaboration, data sharing, and reporting analytics for supply chain planners.  We continue to actively plan new supplier rewards programs in conjunction with OEM outreach discussions and endeavor to develop exciting new incentive program updates for suppliers in the coming months following further OEM discussions. 

5/20/20 Instructional Webinar with NTMA

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May 20th at 1pm EST (10am PST), Wednesday, we will be offering an instructional webinar for NTMA members to answer all of your questions and provide a simple step by step walk though of how suppliers can take full advantage of the new supplier dashboard features to access essential business RFQs. This has been a major undertaking on the part of our product engineering, procurement and enterprise sales teams which constitutes a critical next step for the industry working more closely with suppliers like you who are so crucial to Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain in the 2020’s and beyond secured by Blockchain.

Machine Shops and Precision Parts Producers GET PAID with SyncFab!

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Suppliers REGISTER HERE for quick access.

We are always seeking additional blockchain engineers. Interested in joining our team? Learn more and apply here.

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