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Dennis Delgado

Chief Product Officer
Picture of Dennis Delgado

Dennis Delgado

Chief Product Officer
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Customers looking for machine shops to help with their manufacturing project will frequently come across similar-sounding terminologies like “precision machining,” “high precision,” and “ultra-high precision” without any elaborate distinction on what these terms represent or what qualifies a machining company to execute a high precision work.

In manufacturing, “high precision machining” refers to milling components with tolerances in the single-digit micron range, and “ultra-high precision machining” entails tolerances in the sub-micron region. Machining components with extremely tight tolerances is always a challenge, but the difficulty of machining is dictated not only by the tolerances required but also by the materials used and the number of features on the part.

Ultra-high precision machining is also known as Swiss Machining. Swiss machining is a form of machining that originated in Switzerland during the 1800s. It began in the watchmaking business since specialized machining was necessary for a large number of tiny screws, pins, and other microscopic parts for the watch business.

Conventional lathes, in general, keep the component in a fixed headstock while the tools travel to it. In comparison, a collet in the main spindle of a Swiss machine holds the component as it goes back and forth. The true art of Swiss Machining is the combination of computer-controlled design and human engineering technique, which can produce unique functions and highly controlled output.

Machines and the process of Machining

Precision machining requires well-trained specialists to prepare files with extremely accurate parameters due to the nature of the process. To get the highest precision machining outcomes, it is necessary to precisely follow specified designs developed using computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) methods. The 3D drawings required to make parts are created using CAD or CAM files. These CAD or CAM files are then utilized in CNC machining to achieve the best outcomes possible throughout the machining process.

Advantages of Ultra High Precision – Swiss Machining


Precision machining includes equipment that interprets designs and executes them appropriately using computer animation drawings (CAM or CAD). These machines exceed humans in speed, accuracy, and total production output.

Operational Effectiveness

The precision machining process relies on computer-controlled machinery that can operate autonomously and at high speeds without human intervention. This implies that manufacturers can process components with a smaller workforce. Lowering manufacturing costs and increasing product quality can boost operational efficiency.

Consistent Quality

Swiss CNC machine provides constant output through precision machining. Traditional lathes or humans cannot match this consistency in quality.

Lower Error Rates

The automated precision machining process will take over once the necessary parameters are loaded into CNC machine equipment. Compared to manual processing, the possibility of mistakes is relatively minimal or negligible.

Lower Manufacturing Costs

Because of lower production costs, the industry increasingly relies on automated technologies to conduct its operations. CNC machines are often used to produce precise components. The thoroughness of this manufacturing process reduces waste, labor, and the possibility of errors.

Swiss Machining for Industrial Purposes

Manufacturers of complicated, critical, and distinct components rely on Swiss CNC Machining skills to supply the components they want at the highest quality, fastest possible pace, and lowest comparative price.

Working with professional and accredited Swiss CNC Machining shops delivers high-quality components to a wide range of manufacturers in several sectors, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics. This preference is due to the rapid turnaround provided by Swiss screw machines. Automatic Swiss machines usually take two to three days to properly set up for production, whereas CNC machines may be ready for a new project in a day or less.

SyncFab is a market leader in CNC Swiss Screw Machining technology. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to handle projects faster and efficiently, getting the product to market as soon as feasible. Above all, SyncFab’s range of equipment, along with our industry-leading experience, provide consistent high quality in every product that leaves our plant.

SyncFab is ITAR registered and offer CoCs, material certifications, finishing certifications, inspection reports, and hardware certifications with a fully vetted network of qualified suppliers to meet all your certification requirements ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, and more.

SwissMem Partnership

SyncFab is also partnered with SwissMem which allows you to gain even greater access to genuine Swiss Machining capabilities from the Swiss! The partnerhip provides access to SyncFab’s advanced manufacturing blockchain platform to over 1,200 of its members across Switzerland. 

Swissmem has been the national representative of the mechanical and electrical engineering industries in Switzerland for over 130 years. Its members combine traditional manufacturing expertise with innovative, future-oriented technologies. Their companies operate in the traditional areas of mechanical engineering and metalworking, electrical engineering and electronics, as well as the precision instruments sector. In addition, they develop new solutions in dynamic technology fields such as sensor technology, photonics, robotics, additive manufacturing or industrial IT. 

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Production planning is an essential part of any company’s growth.

With Syncfab’s supply chain management technology and team expertise, we provide customers with maximum benefit. We work towards smart solutions to issues during the NPI stage to limit scope for unwanted changes post-production stage once we hand over deliverables to clients. Being focused on customer satisfaction, we also guide customers about available options at the right delivery time and price points. 

Our strong network ensures optimal budget and leadtime allowing for streamlined negotiations for long-term agreements for blanket purchase orders, especially those which require larger volume purchases. 

Let us quote your precision machined parts at no cost or obligation to: sales@syncfab.com

Stop Corona Virus bottlenecks in your OEM Supply Chain: SyncFab allows OEMs to slash procurement time and cost for precision parts with SyncFab’s rapid response supplier network secured by blockchain for anti-counterfeit, recalls, smart payments & more.

SyncFab helps Aerospace and Automotive OEM Purchase Managers stay on top of their demanding production schedules while shaving their parts procurement costs as much as half off benefiting from a vetted full range manufacturing capabilities network of 1000s of suppliers. SyncFab’s network precision machining capabilities include multi-axis milling and turning, routing, waterjet, laserjet, EDM, Electron Beam Welding, punching, cutting, shearing and finishing services including anodyzing, coating, plating, polishing and more.

SyncFab also works with OEM IT Departments whose aim is to secure more of their supply chain data with blockchain for ERP module and internal reporting system integration. OEM IT Departments can use their procurement activity blockchain records SyncFab generates to complete a Turnkey Supply Chain Blockchain Proof of Concept, Custom Use Case Pilot or Program Implementation. Furthermore — SyncFab’s patent pending parts procurement tokenization solution can be used to mitigate product fraud — isolate recall cost and time using blockchain track and trace feature technology at a fraction of the cost. Finally, OEM IT and Financial departments can partner to use the industry first MFG Manufacturing Token to create custom smart contract and supplier incentive programs such as RFQ and data sharing rewards.

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