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EBW Electron Beam Welding Services

Electron Beam Welding Services for precision components specializing in complex jobs & high production runs. Great for aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, and electronics industries.

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We are ITAR registered and offer CoCs, material certifications, finishing certs, inspection reports, and hardware certs with a fully vetted network of qualified suppliers to meet all your certification requirements ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, IATF 16949, ISO 13485 and more.

Machining Capabilities

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Wire EDM Services

SyncFab offers precision 3, 4 and 5-axis wire EDM services for Kovar®, Inconel®, iron, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, tantalum and nickel alloys.

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Applications for EBW Electron Beam Welding

OEMs can slash procurement time and costs for precision parts with a supplier network secured by blockchain for anti-counterfeit, recalls and more.

Tooling Parts

Because CNC can be applied
to virtually any material, it is
perfect for rapid tooling, i.e.,
creating fixtures or molds.

NPI Prototyping Parts

The range of materials available,
low cost per unit, and speed of
production makes CNC a great
option for prototyping.

Production Parts

High-quality finish, vast material
options and precise tolerances
have made CNC a favorable
technology for end-use parts.

EBW Electron Beam Welding for Industrial Applications

Manufacturers producing complex, critical, and precision products rely on (EBW) Electron Beam Welding capabilities to deliver the parts needed at the highest quality, greatest speed, and best comparable price.

Working with experienced and certified (EBW) Electron Beam Welding shops provides a wide range of manufacturers, in avariety of industries, with the high-quality components required.

What is Electron Beam Welding?

Electron Beam Welding is a fusion welding process in that the mechanism of welding is to join two or more pieces of metal by local melting, which results in coalescence. Filler metal and base metal, or more likely, base metal only may be melted together to produce a joint.

The heat required for welding is produced by the bombardment of the work by a dense beam of high velocity electrons. That is, the electron beam is directed upon the area to be fused, and the electrons upon striking the surface of the metal give up their kinetic energy almost completely in the form of heat energy.

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EB Welding Process

Electron Beam Welding is also widely used to perform welds on a variety of dissimilar metals combinations such as carbon Steel to Bronze, Aluminum to Silver, Copper to Inconel, just to name a few.

Electron Beam Welding is typically performed by manipulating the work piece under a stationary stream of electrons. Tooling is critical to the success of the welding process as part repeatability and accuracy is very important.

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Electron Beam Welding vs. Laser Welding

Electron Beam Welding may be considered a similar process to Laser Welding, except that electrons are focused instead of photons in the case of lasers. The advantage of using an Electron Beam is that the beam does not tend to diverge as laser beams do when they contact the work piece this allows for deeper penetration with equivalent energy offering less part distortion.

Electron Beam Welding in a vacuum offers a pure welding environment ideal for applications with stringent sub-surface inspection criteria as most laser welding is done in atmosphere with the assistance of an inert gas used as shielding.

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OEMs can slash procurement time and costs for precision parts with a supplier network secured by blockchain for anti-counterfeit, recalls and more.

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