SyncFab’s response to COVID-19 pandemic induced supply chain shocks

Dennis Delgado

Dennis Delgado

Chief Product Officer
Dennis Delgado

Dennis Delgado

Chief Product Officer
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Committed to supply chain continuity avoiding disruption for our OEM Customers & Partners during this exceptional period

We at SyncFab continue to monitor the development of coronavirus (COVID-19) and it’s impact on our participant community and the manufacturing community as a whole. We wanted to update the community at large on our preparations focused on the success and safety of our team, customers and partners who remain our highest priority. Our team is fully committed to ensuring supply chain continuity to avoid production build schedule disruption for our OEM customers who continue to receive the high quality parts they need while protecting themselves using our remote work digital supply chain sourcing solution.

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Industry Impact

On March 9 the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) reported 53.1% of manufacturers were facing COVID-19 induced changes in operations. A March 11 report by the ISM revised this to 75% of US companies experiencing supply chain disruptions anticipating they would become more severe after the first quarter. ISM, whose 47,000 members manage about $1 trillion in corporate and government supply chain procurement annually reported “Organizations who…diversify their supplier base…are…more equipped to address the effects of Covid-19 on their supply chains,” ISM CEO Thomas Derry said in the report with over 60% of companies that ordinarily travel to China having no plans to do so over the next six months, while almost half note travel to other areas faces extra scrutiny or limits, including Japan and Europe.

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Serving our OEM Customers with Secure Remote Supply Chain Management

SyncFab offers a remote digital work solution for OEM Part Program Managers and Engineers with access to a full suite of custom precision part production services on standard and expedite fulfilment schedules. Our distributed network exceeding 1,500 suppliers across the US and internationally affords us the flexibility to redirect workflow to maintain supply chain continuity and avoid disruption with the unique addition of supply chain security, authentication and traceability afforded by our Blockchain integrations. We continue to actively monitor our supplier network in partnership with the NTMA to ensure delivery of parts. None of our US-based suppliers have announced facility closure to date as a result of COVID-19. We have experience leveraging our flexible parts production and manufacturing blockchain supply chain solution to accomodate complex parts on the most demanding build schedules protecting against a variety of external supply chain shocks.

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Caring for our Team

We are fortunate not to require significant adjustment to our operational reporting framework as we already offer remote work options across our multiple locations, due to the virtual emphasis of our workflow product solution, simply limiting visitors and curtailing business travel for added precaution as needed. We look forward to continuing to serve you and all our OEM customers to mitigate your supply chain challenges during this exceptional period.

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Protecting and Empowering our OEM Customers

If you are facing supply chain disruption or simply want to diversify your supplier base, add security and traceability to your supply chain and procurement activity – please reach out for immediate assistance from a dedicated program manager.

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