Former CEO RUAG $2Bn Swiss Aerospace & Defense Co joins Advisory Board

Picture of Dennis Delgado

Dennis Delgado

Chief Product Officer
Picture of Dennis Delgado

Dennis Delgado

Chief Product Officer
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Morgan Stanley has estimated the global space industry could generate revenues of $1.1 trillion or more in 2040, up from $350 billion currently. The global aerospace and defense industry amounts to $USD 1.6 Trillion. Sixty-seven percent of space and aerospace executives anticipate the combination of blockchain distributed ledger technology, AI, XR and quantum computing will have a transformational impact on their organization over the next three years as reported by Accenture. With thousands of suppliers responsible for delivering advanced and innovative components or materials to Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs, supply chain and logistics have long been critical to the success of every major aerospace and defense program. Today, supply chain and logistics are the industry’s top innovation priority especially given the impact of COVID19. What’s more, as aerospace and defense supply chains evolve into complex ecosystems, they’ll see more partnerships developing in the coming three years, including the developer community, startups, competitors and other industry players. SyncFab is delighted, therefore, to add a recognized aerospace industry expert to our Advisory Board.

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SyncFab Welcomes Urs Breitmeier – former Group CEO RUAG Swiss Aerospace Defense Co. to Advisory Board to accelerate Blockchain adoption strategy

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SyncFab is delighted to announce Urs Breitmeier has joined our Advisory Board. Mr. Breitmeier retired from his position as group CEO of RUAG  at the beginning of the year following a long tenure where he presided over the Swiss Government owned group’s strategic industry focus on Space and Aerospace development. Urs is a highly experienced CEO in Space, Aerospace and Defense Industries and now a bonafide blockchain supply chain technology advocate.  “There is a clear synergy between rapidly evolving space and aerospace supply chain requirements and blockchain technologies which need their functionality adapted to and integrated in the supply chain ecosystem in order to harness their full potential,” said Ur Breitmeier. “I fully believe in SyncFab’s vision for the industry and applaud their early efforts developing the supply chain support system of the future for space and aerospace and I’m honored to be part of the advisory team as it is a natural fit for me.”

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In the past 18 years Urs has held several management positions within RUAG which is still owned by the Swiss Government. From 2013 until end of 2019 he was the group CEO of the 2 bn $ company. RUAG was originally established to merge four former Swiss state-run defense enterprises which grew into an international Technology group with production sites extending to Europe, USA, Australia and Asia and in the Middle East. Under Urs’ leadership, RUAG introduced new Maintenance, Repair and overhaul contracts with different international Ministries of Defense all over the globe. RUAG is also a Tier 1 supplier to Airbus for the A320 and the A330 as well as a major supplier to Ariane Group, Thales and the United Launch Alliance among many others for it’s high quality Space components. RUAG has 2 operational divisions in the USA in Devner, Colorado and Decatur, Alabama where it supports the ULA which together with SpaceX won the Department of Defense, USAF and US Space Force contracts to launch US satellites into orbit until 2027.

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Urs is vice chairman of the Swiss society of Technology and Army and serves as an infantry officer (Colonel) in the Swiss Army. He holds a Master in Physics from ETH Zurich in Switzerland and an MBA from the University of Albany, NY. Urs also served as management consultant and held senior management positions in different industries prior to his work with RUAG.

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