4 Tips for Selecting a CNC Machine Shop

Dennis Delgado

Dennis Delgado

Chief Product Officer
Dennis Delgado

Dennis Delgado

Chief Product Officer
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Selecting a CNC Machine Shop

When it comes to helping manufacturers gain a competitive advantage, procurement can have a lot of impact. When sourcing precision parts from CNC Machine Shops, buyers that pick the right partner can create a healthy, simplified supply chain keep production moving and quality at its peak.

But how do manufacturers identify the best-fit CNC machine shops that can be counted on to deliver exactly what’s needed? Savvy buyers look to go to the experts for what they need.

Quality Every Time

Precision parts buyers need to feel assured that every part delivered will be within the tolerance specified. Whether hole size or outer diameter, shape or straightness, parts must meet specifications, period.

Smart buyers know that the best CNC machine shops are proud of their work and want to show it. Work with machine shops that allow examination of prototypes, examples of previous and similar work, and a chance to inspect end product when desired. Likewise, understand a CNC shop’s rejection rate for similarly-complex jobs or tight-deadline projects. Demonstrating how quality is achieved and documenting control measures in all production steps illustrate that a CNC machine shop takes quality standards seriously.

Luckily SyncFab handles all of this for you saving you time, money, and with the expertise necessary for on time critical review.

Continuous Improvement

Buyers need to trust their suppliers continually strive to create better processes that, in turn, result in outstanding parts. Seek to learn about the ongoing improvement process for any CNC shop being considered. Understanding how tooling is maintained, equipment upgraded, investment decisions are made, and staff training programs developed can give insight into the commitment to quality.

CNC machine shops dedicated to ongoing improvement also seek for processes to be independently measured and evaluated. Understand the improvement strategies, such as ISO certification and Lean techniques, to determine if evidence exists to support an improvement methodology to business.

SyncFab maintains close ties with their network of vetted machine shops and encourages continued improvement to the latest capabilities on the shop floor.

On-Time Delivery

Whether working with a large, high-production CNC machining shop or a smaller, specialized supplier, buyers need to count on delivery that is on-time, every time. Evaluate CNC shops to determine if services will be managed entirely in-house or whether finishing, coating, welding or assembly are handled by a secondary operation.

CNC machine shops that add ancillary services or provide a full range of machining expertise show they take full responsibility for on-time delivery. Some CNC machine shops focus on a particular area of proficiency and choose to effectively partner with a small, select group of secondary support services to get each job completed to the highest quality and in the committed timeframe.

SyncFab incentivizes on-time delivery and tracks the progress so you will know what stage your product is in at all times.

Interaction and Communication

Buyers can better assure positive CNC machine shop relationships and desired outcomes are achieved by working directly with suppliers, through SyncFab. Plan on avoiding the cost and time involved operating through an intermediary or broker and go straight to CNC suppliers being considered for services.

Selection of a critical CNC machine shop supplier rests upon direct, streamlined communications to achieve the greatest consistency and control. In addition to first-hand quality assurance that SyncFab provides and avoiding delays, our team’s expert communication allows direct interactions that can help reduce mistakes and encourage feedback that will improve the process for the long-term.

Let Someone Else Do the Heavy Lifting

The SyncFab Manufacturing Network makes sourcing precision parts as easy as hailing a ride on Uber. As the first solution of its kind, SyncFab helps buyers get direct access to qualified, vetted, and local CNC machine shops ready to do business without all the usual hassles and delays. SyncFab streamlines the procurement process to ensure orders are matched with high-quality precision parts suppliers that deliver the quality required in the timeframe stipulated while using blockchain technology to ensure security of your intellectual property.

Leave the CNC Machine Shop Selection and Sourcing up to SyncFab and get back to doing what you do best. Get a Quote Now!

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