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Uploading and Organizing Parts

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Written by: Dennis Delgado, Jay Ligda, and Ram Maurer

What file types do you support

STEP (.stp, .step)
SOLIDWORKS (.sldprt)
STL (.stl)
Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b)
Autodesk Inventor (.ipt)
Dassault Systems (.edxml, .catpart)
CADKEY (.prt)
PTC, Siemens (.prt)
ACIS (.sat)
DXF (.dxf)
CAD Stacked Small

Note on STL files

STL files cannot be used to fabricate CNC, Sheet Metal, or Injection Molded components. Please use another file such as an SLDPRT or STP.

Note on Multi-Body and Assembly files

SyncFab does not support assembly files. This can include assemblies exported as a STEP as well as parts with embedded inserts (e.g. sheet metal files with PEM inserts embedded). It is recommended to upload each discrete part separately for an assembly. Inserts and pins can be defined in the drop-down modal for the part and do not need a 3D model.

Model-Based Definition (MBD), or Part Modeling Information (PMI)

MBD and PMI embedded data are not recognized in a 3D CAD. If your file contains tapped holes, surface finishing, or non-standard tolerances, please add that information in the drop-down or notes section of the quoting process. We recommend attaching a .pdf drawing or reference image as well to assure we manufacture to your full specifications.

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Written by: Dennis Delgado

Why won't my file upload?

If you are uploading your file and having trouble, please consult the troubleshooting instructions below:

Nothing is happening when I try to upload the file.

Please check if you are trying to upload a file from an unextracted ZIP folder–unextracted files will not load and require extraction before uploading.

Make sure you are using one of our supported file types here. 2D files (PDF, DXF, AI), Assemblies (e.g., SLDASM), and drawing references (e.g., SLDDRW) will not load on SyncFab.

I get an “Error Saving Quote” with an unsupported file type statement.

An unsupported file in one that is currently not accepted by SyncFab’s online CAD evaluation software. Try another file type.

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Written by: Dennis Delgado

How do I reset my password?

Whether you’re having issues logging into your account or simply want to follow good security protocols please contact

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Written by: Dennis Delgado

What types of parts can you make?

SyncFab can make parts to your design with the materials you specify. Below is a quick index for all of SyncFab’s manufacturing services. SyncFab has no minimum order quantity, which makes the service valuable for prototyping as well as production services. SyncFab has an extensive network consisting of thousands of manufacturers, which means that we can hit most manufacturing needs and designs. It is recommended to upload your CAD file to our quoting page if you need any features reviewed by a staff member.


CNC Machining
CNC Milling
CNC Turning
Sheet Metal
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Waterjet Cutting
Laser Cutting
Plasma Cutting

3D Printing

3D Printing Service
Carbon DLS
Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
HP Multi Jet Fusion
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Stereolithography (SLA)

Injection Molding

Injection Molding
Insert Molding


Urethane Casting
Finishing Services

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Written by: Ram Maurer

Updating Part Revisions

SyncFab allows Buyers to upload parts through your parts library.

**Note that if a part has been ordered you must contact for any revision changes. SyncFab cannot guarantee that a part will be updated if it’s already in a planning or process phase.**

Updating parts from your “Parts Library”:

Click on “Parts Library”.
Find the part file you would like to update.
Click on the Part ID link or “Update Part” button.
On the Update Part page, you can find an “Upload Part Revision” button in the 2nd row. Uploading a new file will replace the current one.
Any quote where this part ID is located will be automatically updated. Note that if the part is ordered and you are waiting to receive this part you must contact
If you have a quote open and it does not look updated please ensure the part ID is the same as the updated part ID. Try refreshing the page if the problem persists.
Updating parts from you unordered quote:

Go to the quote that has the part you want to update and upload the updated file.
Delete the previous file from your quote page.
Note: this creates a new Part ID in your “Parts Library”. We recommend the first approach because if you have several quotes with the same part in them then this only updates one quote.

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Written by: Jay Ligda

If you have any related questions please contact us!

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