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Written by: Dennis Delgado, Jay Ligda, and Ram Maurer

Am I a Supplier?

If you use machine and cutting tools to make parts, usually of metal, plastic, glass or wood then you meet the general definition of a machine shop supplier. Learn More

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Written by: Dennis Delgado

How do I become a supplier on SyncFab?

Register and list your machining capacity, capabilities and certifications after completing your company profile. You will need to certify that you are able to achieve the minimum manufacturing standards of:

  • +.005”/-.005” local tolerances across most geometries with variance for large parts when holding flatness after heat treatment.
  • Finish requirements for “As Milled” finish will have a minimum 125 surface finish for CNC parts.
  • Tapped holes not explicitly called out as Features on the quoted CAD model may be machined to the diameters specified in that model.
  • Specifically list out surface treatments available such as anodize, bead blast, iridite, powder coat, etc.
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Written by: Dennis Delgado

What types of Supplier Manufacturing Capabilities does SyncFab currently support?

CNC Milling, Turning, Swiss, Routing, EDM, EBW, Metal Sheet Fabrication, Waterjet, Plasma and Laser Cutting, Shearing, Punch-Press, Additive Manufacturing, Finishing and Post-Processing, Molding, Casting and more.
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Written by: Dennis Delgado

How do I begin working on a new order?

After your Registered account has been reviewed and activated you will begin receiving job requests matching your capabilities. Our sorting algorithm matches each job to partners based on unique requirements such as manufacturing process, finish specifications, shop certifications, inspection capabilities, and capacity. For example, a CNC lathe job with an ITAR certification requirement and a CMM inspection report will be matched to shops that meet those requirements. You are only able to view jobs that match your shop’s profile. Therefore it is imperative for you to fill out your shop capabilities as thoroughly as possible and to keep them up to date.

We guarantee our customers complete satisfaction. In order for us to deliver on that commitment, our expectations are 100% on-time performance and 100% quality in meeting the specifications. You will be expected to update the job status while the order is in progress.

We will also expect you to contact us immediately if you are having any difficulties ordering materials, understanding dimensions, having issues with the files, or any production-related issues. Your initial job limit will be one (1) job with a $5,000 maximum value.

The first several jobs are considered the probationary period. Our expectation is that you complete five (5) jobs perfectly in order to become an ongoing partner. Once you successfully complete five (5) jobs, your job and revenue limits will increase.Upon acceptance of the job, you are agreeing to manufacture the parts in your own facility. These parts cannot be made in alternative locations without explicit consent from SyncFab. The only types of work that can be subcontracted without advance consent from SyncFab are Grinding, Heat Treating, EDM, Welding and Finishing, and only where the subcontractors can meet the specific requirements of the drawings or specifications (surface finish, material properties, plating, painting, anodizing, chem-film, welding specs, etc.). Additionally, you are responsible for ensuring all subcontractors comply with the relevant SyncFab Supplier Terms & Conditions.

As a best practice, we recommend that when part non-conformances are caught by your internal QC Department, the parts should be sent back to the manufacturing floor for rework. After reworking, the parts should have a final check by the QC department before shipping.

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Written by: Ram Maurer

How do I get paid for jobs on SyncFab?

SyncFab issues you Purchase Orders with explicit net payment terms for each job you accept. If the parts delivered by a Partner do not pass our inspection process due to quality issues, the PO for that job will be placed on hold until there is a resolution. If reworks must be done to make the part acceptable for the customer, the price of those reworks may result in a chargeback. If the customer accepts the parts without the need for reworks, the PO will be taken off hold and the Partner will be paid according to our payment terms. If the parts are rejected and a resolution cannot be found, the PO will be canceled.
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Written by: Jay Ligda

What is the production schedule for completing parts orders on SyncFab?

Urgent, Standard and Flexible from 1 – 8 weeks.
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Written by: Ram Maurer

How does the buyer approvals process work for parts orders?

Limited and Full-Run Production parts orders involve photographic sample pre-production approval. Full-run production parts orders involve physical sample pre-production approval. Prototype parts orders do not involve pre-production approval. For all inspections, SyncFab requires the use of calibrated tools.

For a Standard Inspection, the part material, features, and finish must be verified in accordance with the supplied CAD model or print and the requirements specified in the order, which will be clearly noted on the Purchase Order provided with each job. If no print is provided with the job, all dimensions will be measured at +/- 0.005”. We require each standard inspection to be inspected with Partner Inspection Form, which can be found in the Resources section of the Partner Portal (Note: A CMM report can be used in lieu of the SyncFab Inspection Report).

Once complete, the standard inspection documentation should be uploaded to the Supplier Portal only and NOT included in the box with the parts.

All part IDs require their own SyncFab Certificate of Conformance (C of C) downloaded from the job portal and then uploaded after completion. Certification requirements will be identified on both the job board and the purchase order.

When parts are shipped — whether directly to the customer or to SyncFab — C of C documentation must be uploaded to the job board and a copy must accompany the shipment. Lack of sending proper documentation will result in rejection upon receiving and potential return of parts.

Below are the fields that need to be filled out to complete a C of C:

Customer Name:

Customer Part Name:

Customer PO #:

Customer PO Line #:

Serial #: This information is on the Print or PO. If the customer has requested that serial numbers be used on the part, that information needs to be put here.

Customer Revision #: This is a revision of the print being used, and can be found on the print. This will need to be filled in.

SyncFab Order ID:

SyncFab Part ID:


Material: If no print is provided this needs to be the material listed on the SyncFab PO. Otherwise, this needs to be the specific material that is called for on the print or special notes from the customer. For instance, if SyncFab PO states Aluminum 6061 T6 but customer print states Aluminum 6061-T6511 per AMS 4027, then the latter information should be entered here. When multiple specs are on the print you would use the spec of the material you purchased.

Material Lot number: Partner should add the material lot / heat number here since this is not known until the material is purchased and arrives on the partner’s dock.

Finish: This needs to be specific to the spec that the customer is requesting according to the print or notes from the customer.

Notes: The only entries that are needed here are the material specs, finishing specs, hardware specs, and assembly specs and numbers (if the part is assembled), that are not called out above.

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Written by: Jay Ligda

What are the benefits of machining parts on SyncFab?

Let your idle machine capacity earn you more sales dollars. By listing your machines with SyncFab you can focus on doing what you do best machining parts and collecting money.
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Written by: Dennis Delgado

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