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Written by: Dennis Delgado, Jay Ligda, and Ram Maurer

Which Service Plans do you have available for Buyers?

Service Plans available to Buyers can be viewed HERE can be summarized as:
1) Professional (For Prototyping)
2) Business (For Limited Production with Post-Procurement Tools)
3) Enterprise (For Production and Full Reporting Integration)

Written by: Dennis Delgado

Which Service Plans do you have available for Suppliers?

Currently there is only one standard service plan for suppliers who qualify. In the future we may offer premium account with additional features for suppliers.

Written by: Dennis Delgado

Which Use Cases do you Offer for OEM Enterprise Clients?

You can browse our Solutions by Department and Solutions by Workflow sections of our website. You may also Book a Demo with our knowledgeable technical sales staff who will walk you through our various multi-tier supply chain management service offerings to better help you understand which use cases best fit your needs.

Written by: Dennis Delgado

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