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Placing an Order

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Written by: Dennis Delgado, Jay Ligda, and Ram Maurer

What is your minimum order quantity?

SyncFab does not have a minimum order requirement. Feel free to order just one if that is all you need. Our services can help you scale from one-offs and prototypes all the way to mid- and high-volume production.  Price per unit may decrease significantly over multiple quantities as well as some processes becoming cost-viable, such as injection molding or Carbon DLS 3D printing.

Customer POs, NET Terms, and Billing Profiles

Billing Profiles host customer business payment settings including NET terms and tax exemptions.  Profile settings can be shared with colleagues who are authorized to order on behalf of the same business entity.


To get started, we need to set up Terms or a promise of payment upon order completion. This requires the customer to fill out a Credit Application including bank and trade references. Standard Terms are NET 30.

SyncFab can also set up profiles for Tax-Exempt statuses. We require a copy of official documentation before updating a profile.

Completed Credit Applications or Tax Exempt Documents can be submitted to SyncFab Support.

We will also authorize your colleagues to use your payment settings when ordering on behalf of your business by request.


Once a Billing Profile has been added to your account, you will have the option to checkout using the payment settings from your profile. 

On the Checkout Page, you will be asked which Billing Profile you would like to use.

Once you have selected your Billing Account your tax exemptions and the option to check out using a purchase order will be available to you.

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Written by: Dennis Delgado

Service Agreement & Cancellation Policy?

Customer Service Agreement can be found here:

Customer cancellation requests: Since SyncFab is custom manufacturing each part on demand SyncFab may not be able to modify or cancel an order once it is placed. It is essential that quotes are reviewed thoroughly before ordering to prevent accidental orders. If the order was made within 4 hours you can contact to discuss any changes or concerns but SyncFab cannot guarantee that changes are possible post-order.  Charges may apply if a project, or a portion of a project, is canceled or modified after an order is placed.

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Written by: Dennis Delgado

How much is shipping?

Shipping cost is calculated based on your order, address, and the shipping method. Customers also have the option to use their own shipping accounts (e.g. FedEx or UPS).

Customers are responsible for duties and fees associated with international shipping. For shipping outside of the United States, the customer must provide a valid shipping account.

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Written by: Dennis Delgado

Do you accept PayPal?

Sorry, we don’t accept PayPal at this time.
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Written by: Ram Maurer

If you have any related questions please contact us!

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