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Written by: Dennis Delgado, Jay Ligda, and Ram Maurer

Am I a Buyer?

Although Buyer titles vary by organization – you are a Buyer when you are looking to have custom parts manufactured. A Buyer is generally a Supply Chain Account Manager, Industrial Designer, NPI or Mechanical Engineer though you may also be an Entrepreneur, Investor, Government Procurement (GSA) Employee, Fab Lab Manager or a Student.

Written by: Dennis Delgado

How do I order parts on SyncFab?

Register as a Buyer to submit orders with 2D/3D part files including drawings, dimensions & tolerances (designed-for-manufacture) and receive quotes inclusive of fabrication and materials. Uploaded part files are stored in your user dashboard where you can manage and group them for faster project turnaround.

Written by: Dennis Delgado

How quick is the order turn around time?

Depending volume and complexity – Parts can generally be ordered on an Urgent (1-2 weeks), Standard (3-4 weeks) or Flexible (5-8 weeks) schedule which will affect production costs. Delivery costs are paid at time of shipment.

Written by: Dennis Delgado

How do I approve part samples for large volume orders?

Limited and Full-Run production parts orders involve photographic sample pre-production approval. Prototype parts orders do not involve pre-production approval.
Written by: Ram Maurer

What materials are available?

Materials include but are not limited to most grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, thermoplastics and wood. For a full list of our material capabilities please see HERE

Written by: Jay Ligda

What are the manufacturing standards?

Unless otherwise noted in your Quote, suppliers will work to achieve and hold the minimum following standards:

  • +.005”/-.005” local tolerances across most geometries with variance for large parts when holding flatness after heat treatment.
  • Finish requirements for “As Milled” finish will have a minimum 125 surface finish for CNC parts.
  • Tapped holes not explicitly called out as Features on the quoted CAD model may be machined to the diameters specified in that model.
  • No surface treatments (e.g. anodize, bead blast, iridite, powder coat, etc.) will be applied unless you have paid for them and we have specifically acknowledged them.
Written by: Ram Maurer

Will you be offering additional manufacturing capabilities?

Yes, we continue to expand our network of qualified suppliers for additive manufacturing, molding, casting and kit packaging. Join our newsletter for the most recent announcements.
Written by: Jay Ligda

What are some of the benefits of procuring parts through SyncFab?

SyncFab reduces supplier vetting cutting production time by 75% on average, while simultaneously reducing the soft costs associated with procurement. By leveraging idle machine time from local shops, SyncFab streamlines pricing to produce your parts. You can also take peace of mind knowing you are supporting the buildout in some cases the rebuilding of a local sustainable manufacturing supply chain.
Written by: Jay Ligda

How can I reach my sales rep?

Every customer at SyncFab has a dedicated account representative. They can assist you in setting up new projects, vendor approvals, setting up your account for NET terms, and escalating requests. If you have quoted or ordered, you may have already received an email with their contact information!

Don’t have your representative’s information handy? Please email us at and your account representative will respond. Our hours are Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM PACIFIC.

Written by: Jay Ligda

If you have any related questions please contact us!

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