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About SyncFab

SyncFab connects OEM Part Buyers with Distributed Parts Manufacturers backed by Distributed Ledger Blockchain technology solutions for superior security, traceability and supplier management. Based in Silicon Valley, SyncFab is partnered with the US NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association), SwissMem (national representative of the mechanical and electrical engineering industries in Switzerland for over 130 years) and a founding member of CESMII (Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Initiative).

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Jeremy Goodwin

Jeremy Goodwin

Chief Executive Officer
Jeremy is the founding CEO of SyncFab, the first Industry-4.0 Ready Manufacturing Blockchain Platform and Partner to CESMII, The U.S. D.O.E’s Clean Energy Manufacturing Network appointed by the White House. Previously, Jeremy served as President, Executive Director and CFO of CADC leading them to IPO on NASDAQ.
john wickstorm

John Wickstrom

Chief Technology Officer

John joined SyncFab as CTO in 2022. John is an accomplished software engineering leader with 15+ years of combined experience leading SaaS product engineering teams from product ideation through initial implementation, launch, growth, and scaling. Prior to joining SyncFab John was SVP of Engineering for Publicis Group for 10+ years and Senior Director of Product Engineering for Thompson Reuters for 5+ years.

dennis headshot circle

Dennis Delgado

Chief Design Officer
Dennis is the founding CPO of SyncFab. As an advocate for advancing traditional supply chains, utilizing the newest technologies, he strives to create software solutions that help OEMs meet their production planning needs on time and on specification in compliance with their internal reporting system requirements.

Jay Ligda

Chief Information Officer

Jay is the founding CIO of SyncFab. Jay has 25+ years experience as an enterprise software development leader in ASP, Blockchain, JavaScript, PHP, Python, SQL, REST and MEAN language syntax. Jay spent his formative years pursuing studies in Industrial Technology which formed the basis of his later studies in Computer Science.

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