Track & Trace Parts Across Your Supply Chain

Enable component track-and-trace and upgrade transparency across your supply chain.
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Upgrade transparency across your supply chain

SyncFab’s tokenization technology creates an immutable record for each trackable part on our Manufacturing Blockchain.
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What is Track and Trace?

In the supply chain industry, track and trace refers to the ability to identify the past and present locations of all product inventory, as well as a history of product custody. Track and trace requires following products through a complex journey from raw material, through multiple geographic regions for processing and manufacturing, through regulatory control, and finally, to retailers and consumers. Tracking provenance throughout this journey is crucial to ensuring product authenticity.

Track and trace is often a challenge for today’s supply chains due to outdated paper processes and disjointed data systems that slow down communication. The lack of data compatibility exposes supply chains to problems like visibility gaps, inaccurate supply and demand predictions, manual errors, counterfeiting, and compliance violations.

Track And Trace With Blockchain

Blockchain technology can be used to build applications on which multiple parties can transact directly via a peer-to-peer network, without the need for a central authority to verify transactions. Each network participant has access to a shared ledger that immutably and cryptographically records all transactions, and there is no single network owner.

With blockchain, supply chain companies can document production updates to a single shared ledger, which provides complete data visibility and a single source of truth. Because transactions are always time-stamped and up to date, companies can query a product’s status and location at any point in time. This helps to combat issues like counterfeit goods, compliance violations, delays, and waste.

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Enables end-to-end traceability of parts

Parts Track & Trace creates a digital trail of each step in the business network, during procurement, manufacturing, and transportation.

Automotive Track and Trace

Blockchain at each step of the manufacturing process
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All transactions are securely recorded in the distributed ledger and accessible to permissioned users
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Allow Superior Exceptions Handling For Teams

Get better visibility for easier root-cause analysis and faster dispute resolution with the ability to easily view a parts digital trail.
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Built With New Technologies In Mind

Parts Track & Trace can be integrated with technologies like IIoT sensors to identify and track defective components and more.
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Improve Recall Response

Identifying which cars have components subject to a recall can be a timeconsuming and resource-intensive task; the data is typically stored across multiple systems and requires reconciliation for accuracy to track products. By leveraging blockchain, vehicles with defective parts can be quickly and seamlessly identified—perhaps even before they’ve left the plant. And the faulty part’s journey from the supplier’s factory through final assembly can be traced

Strengthen Inventory Management

A blockchainpowered solution can help automakers and their suppliers track bottlenecks in real time throughout the supply chain and enable better inventory planning.
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Get Quality Specialty Parts Faster With SyncFab

SyncFab’s precision manufacturing platform gives you access to a network of over 3,000 US (NTMA) and Europe (SwissMem) precision parts and component machine shops and suppliers. You can review quotes, lead times and qualifications ahead of placing an order.
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Time Saved


Cost Savings


Increased Security

Industries Served

Accelerate Your Production Lead Times​

Source Complex Production Capabilities For Your Toughest Parts

Instantly access the production capacity of thousands of manufacturers with wide-ranging capabilities and certifications across the US and Europe. From your desktop. Strict NDA agreements with our network protect privacy.

Production Schedule To Meet Your Lead Time

Get lead times and pricing in a matter of clicks. SyncFab puts Data Science to work for you so you can easily choose the optimal price/lead time option for your project. Compatible with most drawing files.

Quality Guaranteed

We are ITAR registered and offer CoCs, material certifications, finishing certs, inspection reports, and hardware certs with a fully vetted network of qualified suppliers to meet all your certification requirements ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, IATF 16949, ISO 13485 and more.

Machining Capabilities

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CNC Milling

CNC milling is used to produce many parts and geometry types. With tight tolerances and high accuracy, CNC milling is a 3-axis rotating tool.

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Wire EDM Services

SyncFab offers precision 3, 4 and 5-axis wire EDM services for Kovar®, Inconel®, iron, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, tantalum and nickel alloys.
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CNC Turning

CNC turning is a great technology for functional prototypes, end-use parts, cylindrical features, and parts with holes, flats, grooves, and slots.
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CNC Shearing

SyncFab vets CNC shearing suppliers to ensure shops have the capacity, qualifications, certifications, and experience to deliver.
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CNC Routing

CNC routing is used for cabinet making, sign making, carving, millwork, architectural pieces, wood carving, aluminum and plastic sheet machining, and more.

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Laser Cutting

SyncFab provides a readily-available network of U.S.-based Laser Cutting suppliers to fulfill orders quickly, economically, and to the highest quality.

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CNC Punch Press

SyncFab vets CNC Punch Press suppliers to ensure shops have the capacity, qualifications, certifications, and experience to deliver.

Why SyncFab?

Contain costs, boost productivity and increase profitability with SyncFab game-changing business solutions. Blockchain’s technical features provides superior trust, automation, security and resilience over traditional databases.

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Learn more about our other capabilities

Get precision manufactured parts, faster and cheaper.

OEMs can slash procurement time and costs for precision parts with a supplier network secured by blockchain for anti-counterfeit, recalls and more.