Secure Your Supply Chain With Blockchain Cybersecurity

SyncFab’s Supply Chain Blockchain DLT offers a superior supply chain cybersecurity solution to secure and authenticate distributed parts suppliers in an independently secured information network.

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Blockchain Supply Chain Security
Blockchain for ITAR
Blockchain for NIST 800-171
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The Supply Chain Has Become On Of The Most Popular Vectors For Attackers Looking To Compromise An Enterprise-Scale Company

Large companies are likely to be better protected than smaller companies, which means hackers are increasingly turning towards their suppliers as a means of infiltrating the network in a way that will often go unnoticed.
“Criminals don’t just give up, they look for easier ways in. It’s inevitable that when companies’ perimeters got better defended, criminals would start to look at the soft ways to get in – and the supply chain is the obvious way to do that,” said ex-GCHQ boss Robert Hannigan (ZDNet)

The Largest Security Breach Cost Boeing $2 Billion And Persisted 30 Years

Defense Supply Chain Challenges (Deloitte)

No Single Source Of Truth

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Record-keeping and reporting managed by many entities lead to incomplete and unreliable data across disparate systems.

This causes significant difficulty in tracking and routing, inventory management, and asset readiness.

Lack Of Trust And Collaboration

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The defense supply chain procures a wide-spectrum of goods and products to support the warfighter.

The DoD must procure from thousands of sub-suppliers.

Real-Time Management And Decision Making

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Inherent in military supply chains are the added threats of intentional sabotage, political instability, and combat disruptions.

Agility is required in these circumstances to avoid crises.

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