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Sponsor Problem Solving Challenges OR Progressive Academic Design, Material & Fabrication Projects. Review Public Challenge Solution Proposals or Sponsor Requests from Mentored Academic Projects.

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Acess to Open Innovation Solutions

  • GET SOLUTIONS through open innovation challenges
  • ACCELERATE Product Development Turnaround
  • GROW AWARENESS for your brand and your cause
  • Get notified when solution concepts are posted fitting your criteria

Support Progressive Academic Projects

  • Review Mentored Academic Projects in Progressive Fields
  • Search Academic Member Profiles for Sponsorship Outreach
  • Encourage Project Submissions from talented Students
  • Get Featured and Increase your profile visibility to them
  • ADVANCE RESEARCH in your Selected Fields
  • FOSTER INNOVATION by Sponsoring Academic Projects

Ways to Access & Encourage Innovation on SyncFab

Choose from a variety of ways to sponsor and facilitate academic and prosumer innovation through a pioneer open innovation ecosystem.


Sponsor a Design Challenge

Sponsor a 30 Day Open Innovation Challenge where you provide the Problem and the Community provides the Concept Solution. Establish the Challenge Rules, Guidelines and Jury Review Panel with our assistance. The community likely will also provide an added perspective on trending proposals. Rate, review and request feedback at any point in the process. This is the most open and sure manner to get updated real time feedback to challenges your organization may be currently facing in product development or brand imaging. As you build your Credibility you will be featured more often. Community members will also appreciate the opportunity and be more likely to return the favor when you are seeking market testing information.

Sponsor Academic Projects

Private Organizations may Sponsor Academic Projects being Mentored by Academic Faculty or Departments. Review innovative projects in Design, Engineering, Materials, Fabrication, BioDesign, BioEngineering, BioMaterials and BioPrinting. Connect with the Project Mentors to facilitate Project Sponsorship. You will also be automatched with Projects meeting your criteria with the SyncFab Project Algorithm. Manage Sponsored Projects with tools that help you integrate your Sponsored projects with our interactive 3D project design manager. We are dedicated to building and partnering with progressive Academic and Private Sponsors to make sure that Students have access to resources needed to learn and innovate for the future.

Browse Talented Member Profiles

Browse Designer, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Buyer, Manufacturer, 3D Printer, BioEngineer, BioPrint and Material & Service Expert Profiles based on specialization, geographic location, or feedback. Read Reviews, Message or Request a Bid from any Member. Standard Searches are FREE!