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SyncFab is a local supply chain sourcing platform for product development and manufacture serving as an alternative marketplace ecosystem facilitating Design Innovation & Local Sustainable Fabrication for All. We're a California start-up on a mission to democratize design and production leveraging Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing technologies in support of Local Ecosystems.

Our aim is to bring greater transparency and streamline solutions for Design, Engineering, Material Sourcing, Production Planning, Prototyping & Manufacturing projects of all sizes. We want to help people of all skill levels graduate from mass consumer to custom creator. We connect designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and students to prototypers, material experts and local manufacturers. Our competitive landscape is ripe for disruption with a handful of outdated and incomplete tools. SyncFab is not just a sourcing directory or private job quotation system but a product development supply chain ecosystem. SyncFab facilitates not only local prototyping for product development supply chain sourcing but also on local small, medium and full run production sourcing. Local supply chain sourcing not only supports local employment but also allows for more intuitive local design for manufacture which is also more environmentally friendly in production process and material usage. We aim to line up the supply chain for kickstarter and indiegogo campaigners locally. We will do so by improving communication and price transparency between client, designer, prototyper and producer. Design & Make Local - Yes We Can!

By joining SyncFab you can get:

Concept Development

Concept User Feedback and Market Testing

Project Autonomy or Sponsorship:

Keep Project Autonomy by requesting an Executive RFQ under NDA

Win a SyncFab Sponsored Design & Prototype Concept Contest Invite on the Concept Launchpad

Enter a Design Challenge to Win Sponsorship if your Solution is Chosen

Allow Entrepreneurs to Fund your Project Bid for Benefit

Academic Projects with a Verified Advisor are eligible for Academic Sponsorship


Concept Design Sketch and Artistic Rendering

3D Modelling

Industrial Design Aesthetic and Ergonomic Planning

Engineering Technical Specifications for Precision Production Dimensions and Tolerances


3D Print, CNC or alternate process Prototyping

Investment Casting

Manufacturing (Limited, Medium and Full-Run Production)

Materialization Just Kidding, but we are sure it's on the way!


Fabrication Material Supply Sourcing

Production Planning

Quality Control

Packaging and Logistic Services

We are passionate about sustainable local design and production, humble, self-driven, collaborative and good at getting things done. We enjoy working together to solve difficult problems. If you join our team, you will work on projects that really matter to real people, while developing your own potential, and having a lot of fun.

We are currently offering Interns the chance to help solve cool meaningful problems in a market that we're helping to create and define ourselves:

Product Designers

Factory Tour Ambassador

Mobile & Web Developers

Social Media Communications

Supply Chain Sourcing Engineers

Don't see anything that's an exact match? Send us an email, and we'll let you know when we have an opening that matches your experience.






Meet the SyncFab Team!

We are working around the clock to get your projects made.

Jeremy Goodwin


Andy Tong


Dennis Delgado


Jay Ligda


Chris Cheng

Technical Advisor

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